Support Outside The Community

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What Soroptimist fundraising and participation does outside the community:

  • Provide funding for two girls from the Dominican Republic to attend school there (Since 2020)
  • SI President’s Appeal – Water, Women and Leadership
  • Asociacion Amor Reciprico – furniture, craft supplies for children in Lima, Peru.
  • Nepal Disaster Relief
  • “Birthing in the Pacific” project supporting healthy mothers and babies in South Asia.
  • Solar cookers provided to refugees in Darfur re-settlement camps where firewood is scarce.
  • Supporting impoverished women in Elk Grove’s sister city, Concepcion de Ataco, El Salvador.
  • Donations to help victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.
  • Fellowship grants within the Sierra Nevada Region to women in Ph.D. programs.
  • Support of Women’s Opportunity Awards for clubs around the world
  • Support to document efforts to halt Human Trafficking in Nicaragua